Study in Germany

Study at RWTH Aachen

The RWTH Aachen University which has been ranked 12th all over the world provides the perfect platform to hone student’s skills further. Situated in NRW, which is home for around 800 companies makes it the optimal destination where student can test their skills after masters.

Courses of Study for Prospective Students with a First University Degree


English-Taught Master’s Degree Programs

·         Applied Geophysics

·         Automotive Engineering

·         Biomedical Engineering

·         Communications Engineering

·         Electrical Power Engineering

·         Media Informatics

·         Metallurgical Engineering

·         Physics

·         Software Systems Engineering

·        Simulation Sciences

RWTH International Academy


·         Computer-Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering

·         Lasers in Dentistry

·         Laboratory Animal Science

·         Management and Engineering in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering

·         Management and Engineering in Electrical Power Systems

·         Management and Engineering in Water

·         Management and Engineering in Production Systems

·         Production Systems Engineering

·         Textile Engineering

Application Deadline – 1st March 2017

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Updted living expenses and blocked account money for Germany

On dated 13.06.2016, German Embassy has updated its student VISA checklist and notified all international students for the new rules of living expenses and updated blocked amount per month in Germany.

Earlier it was € 8040 EUROS for one year and students are allowed to have € 620 EUROS per month from Deutsche Bank.

NEW rule effective from 13th June 2016 stating that new blocking amount at Deutsche Bank upgraded to be € 8640 EUROS for one year and per month disbursement € 720 EUROS.

Deutsche bank processing charges has also increased from € 50 to € 150 EUROS.

I hope this information is useful to you, if you have any confusion or query, please comment below.

Hochschule Esslingen (Germany) Master courses

There are many German universities which offers Master courses to international students, some universities only offeres in German taught and some in English taught. Its advisable to students to carefully check to university website for this information.

For example Hochschule Esslingen offer 11 master courses for international students i.e.

  1. Applied Surface and Material Sciences
  2. Automotive Engineering
  3. Automotive Systems
  4. Design and Development in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering
  5. Energy and Buidling Services Management
  6. Environmental Protection
  7. Mechatronics/Systems Engineering
  8. International Industrial Management (MBA)
  9. Innovation Management
  10. Nursing Sciences
  11. Social work

Out of these above 11 master courses only Three Master coruses are available in English Taught structures, i.e.:

  1. MBA in International Industrial Management
  2. M.Eng. in Automotive Systems
  3. M.Eng. in Design and Development in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering

Rest of the other master courses will compulsory ask for DSH with level 2 or TestDAF all section of atleast 4.

Do post me your queries so that I can answer more.


FAQ of Germany Education

  1.What is the eligibility and requirements to get admission in German Universities?

You have to maintain highest possible percentage you can; so that you can get admission in good German Universities (some German university have minimum percentage cutoff of 65% and some have 75%, so highest you score better is your chances for admission). As you are going to complete your B.E. in 2017, I suggest you to start working hard on your GRE and get atleast 318+ score and in IELTS 6.5 band and above.

You need to also start learning German language, Going to Germany without knowing German language is no point and student has to struggle. I wish to advise you that to learn until B1 level of German language or above in India.

2.I will be completing  BE in 2017,so can I go to the Germany in that same year?

Most of the German Universities do not give admission to final year appearing students. So that means when you are in final year in 2017 and you applied in the same year for admission to Sept/Oct 2017 course start date, it is highest possibilities that you do not get admission, Because German Universities already receiving high number of applications from India who is already holding bachelor degree in hand and they wish to give opportunity to those students first.

3.I am having many queries related to VISA,Accomodation,Passport,Money requirement for Course and living in Germany,Other expenses,Money Transaction(India to Germany)?

This we will discuss when you come down to meet us personally, because there is lot of information in those points and writing in emails wont give clear idea.

4.How to do accurate planning for Ms in Germany without taking any gap after clearing my 2017?

I will suggest all my students to have work experience first in India and then to plan their higher studies in Germany, Only few people I recommend to go to study in Germany if they prove me that they are maintaining highest percentage in their bachelor studies. But honestly looking at your percentage I will strongly suggest you to have work experience in India after finishing your B.E., German Education system is very tough and even after passing our master studies there is lot of challenges and I do not want that you should be struggling after having your master degree.

5.Which courses requirements are there for MS in Germany?

In Mechanical engineering there is lot of course options available, we will again priorties those options once we see your final year B.E. percentages, GRE Score, IELTS score, GATE score, German language ability, Internship, Final year project topic etc.

6.When should I Start preparing for taking admission in Germany and what things I should give first priority?

  • Preparing German language
  • Preparing GRE/GATE exams
  • Working hard to improve your Bachelor of Engineering percentage in remaining semesters of your B.E.

Study In Germany In English (FAQ)

1. Why International students want to study in German Universities only as compare to other universities?

One of the reasons for this is the Reputation of German universities .and another reason is that Germany is one of the few countries to offer  free education at Master level and for both Domestic and International Students.


2. Is  proficiency In  German Language is important while applying for German Universities?

Yes,its important to have proficiency of German Language before flying to Germany for English taught Master courses. In day today life for Communicating with people the German language is important,and if you wish to do part time job .Simultaneously, with your studies then German language is very Important  to Interact with people.


3.Is there any programs in Germany which is taught in English language specially for International Students?

Yes, there are plenty of Master courses available in Germany where the medium of instruction is held in English. Seach through


4.Why to choose German University for Higher Studies to have good Career in future ?

German Universities offers more specialized pathways of learning to create highly skilled graduates in the science and technology sectors. This option can be good for those who already have a career path mapped out and wish to get practical skills in their field along side a recognized Degree.


5.What to do before applying universities?

Before applying to any program , make sure to do some research regarding the school’s reputation in your chosen field. You should also ensure that the institution offer the right qualifications for your career. To find opportunities to study in English in German, the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) provides an international program search tool. This allows you to sort through a whole range of international programs at all degree levels,by German universities, universities of applied sciences, arts colleges and research institutes.


6 .Can u help with the name of Universities which offers Master’s Programs in English in Germany?
The best thing to do is to look on the link below :

Study Opportunity for Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Mechanical engineering and plant engineering account for Germany’s largest branch of industry, consequently making it a decisive driving force for technical progress. Hence, the branch is one of the country’s most important engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineering not only deals with machines in the narrower sense, such as heat engines and thermally-driven machines, machine tools, production and processing machines, automatic machines, and robots, as well as vehicles of all kinds, traffic and transport engineering, utilities engineering, process engineering (plant engineering), nuclear and reactor engineering, production and safety engineering as well as precision engineering products (electrical and electronic devices of all kinds). Automation of the production processes and the growing significance of information technologies play an ever greater role in all fields, as does the field of mechatronics as a multidisciplinary field built on the foundations of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science/information systems. This not only means making intelligent use of machines and systems, but also and increasingly of ensuring the environmentally-compatible use of technology and engineering and of conserving resources through responsible action.

The diversity of the fields has resulted in a strong subdivision of subject areas within mechanical engineering. For more information, see degree programmes in print and media engineering and technology, automotive engineering plus traffic and transport engineering, precision and micro engineering, aerospace engineering, mechatronics, production engineering, materials sciences and engineering, materials engineering, building materials, paper engineering.

There are also a number of method and task-orientated subject areas, such as general mechanical engineering, mechanics, structural engineering. The study of technical and economic contents is mainly provided by industrial engineering programmes, with specialisation in mechanical engineering. The basic study stage in mechanical engineering programmes conveys the principles of mathematics, science and engineering in the various areas. Students only begin to specialise in the advanced stages of their studies.

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Admission in Germany without GRE 2015 intake

Get admission to Management courses like MBA and MIB without work experience and even without GRE/GMAT in Schiller International University in Germany.


    • German study centre of an American private university
  • Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) since 1983
  • Offers MBA program without work experience and also do not require GRE or GMAT
  • Admission on rolling basis
  • Completely English taught courses

Courses on offer:



Application fees:

  Euros 50.


Tuition Fees

MBA and MIM (entire program) – Euros 19200

MIB and MBA (IT) (entire program) – Euros 24000



The University admits students on a rolling, monthly start basis. So every month is a start date.



IELTS of 5.5 or better

TOEFL of 61


Why Germany: 

§ Degree programmes “Made in Germany” are recognized world wide.

§ English is the medium of instruction for many programmes so no need to have high level of German Language Certification.

§ Students are allowed to work 120 full days or else 240 half days during the course of study.

§ Less expensive when compared to other destinations.

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