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Nanotechnology from Germany Information

Nanotechnologies are a horizontal sector with many possible applications in areas such as energy technology (fuel and solar cells), environmental technology (materials cycles and disposal) or information technology (new storage techniques and processors) as well as health. They hold great technological and economic potential for Germany. Today, about 1000 companies work on the development, application and distribution of nanotechnology products. About 63,000 jobs are involved, with an upward trend. Experts believe that the market volume across all industries will be more than one trillion euros worldwide in 2015. 

The Federal Government’s “Nanotechnology 2015 Action Plan” carries on from the “Nano-Initiative – Action Plan 2010”. Under the umbrella of the High-Tech Strategy it presents a concept that pools lines of action and fields of application in the context of nanotechnology. It focuses research and research funding on the societal challenges addressed in the High-Tech Strategy, i.e. climate and energy, health and nutrition, mobility, security and communication. Economic exploitation, responsible use, a regulatory framework and a public discussion are other important factors.

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